Working At Height

There are a number of safety training providers around the UK and the world.  It’s certainly worth noting about safety training centres such as Astra Training, also known as Astra Access Safety Training, are well-known throughout the industry for providing state-of-the-art training facilities as well as delivering the very best in safety training courses. Also […]

If you have been working for some time, you will know about the hazards and the risks that are associated with the work. Thus, you should be extra careful while working and should have proper training in order to avoid the accidents. The IPAF training course helps you to achieve that within a short span […]

Kevan Herbert, owner of Apollo Cradles Ltd based in Carlton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, has a response to suspended platform incident avoidance. Known as FallArrescue, Apollo Cradles,  renowned as one of the leading providers of mast climbers, cradles and access platform systems throughout the UK, developed the device alongside Getmie Safe (manufactured by Getmie Safe exclusively for Apollo […]