Suspended Platform Incident Avoidance

Kevan Herbert, owner of Apollo Cradles Ltd based in Carlton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, has a response to suspended platform incident avoidance.

Known as FallArrescue, Apollo Cradles,  renowned as one of the leading providers of mast climbers, cradles and access platform systems throughout the UK, developed the device alongside Getmie Safe (manufactured by Getmie Safe exclusively for Apollo Cradles) to help improve working at height safety.

Key aspects of suspended platform incident avoidance

There are many aspects to ensuring that access equipment that is suspended from buildings can be used safety.  Health and safety are primary concerns for employers.  Cleaning and maintenance of suspend platforms should be undertaken regularly…this is a key aspects of incident, near-miss and accident avoidance.  Pre-use checking is absolutely essential to safe use of suspended platforms.  Another key aspect in incident avoidance is the correct training and instruction of workers.  Suspended platforms and suspended access cradles can be made as safe as possible to use if a number of steps are followed.  This article is not meant as an exhaustive guide to health and safety practices when using suspended platforms, but a quick overview of some of the key aspects to ensuring access at height safety.


I found this article by Harvey Dun at Time Consultancy.  I found it quite interesting.  Also, you can’t get much better than the Health and Safety Executive website for a plethora of working at height related guidelines and checklists.  Any working at height and/or health and safety industry professional or specialist should familiarise themselves with the HSE website.


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