Working at Height Safety Training to Help You to Work More Safely

Working, especially when you are up on a certain height requires proper effort and knowledge. Hence, one needs to have not only his/her education about how to do the work but also have a basic intelligence about working. Hence proper training is needed for the same.

Syllabus of the course

In this course, there are certain modules which will be covered. The modules are listed below

  • Legal requirements- In this module the student will be taught about employer and employee relationship and duties. To have a stable and healthy working condition there should be harmony between employer and employee. Thus, the student will be taught how to maintain the relationship and at the same time know about the laws of the state which promotes harmony in work.
  • Risk assessment- When one is working at a height, needless to say, there are certain risks always associated with the process. A worker capable of working should be able to assess the risks at a certain height and also how to minimize the risk and for that proper training is essential.
  • Fall protection equipment- Accidents happen even after taking measures to prevent it. Hence, every worker should have knowledge about the fall protection equipment which will be necessary should the worker slip out from the scaffolding.
  • Public protection- While in a place, protection of self is not the only necessary thing that exists. If there are a multitude of people present then the worker should also consider the safety of the people that are already there or might come in. This is the duty of the worker in order to provide safety for himself as well as for the people of the surroundings.
  • Selection and use of appropriate equipment of work- One key factor or the main factor when a worker is working is the set of equipments he uses. For this, the proper choosing of the equipment is required and one should always have knowledge about the equipment he/she is willing to work with, as certain instruments require proper knowledge to make them fully functional. The types of equipments used can be different types of scaffolds, static and mobile access towers, Mobile elevating platform used for work, and ladders, stepladders or podium.

Eligibility for the course

In order to be eligible for the course, you need to be fluent in English, both written and spoken.  Other than that you should be fit enough to work and should be capable of climbing up steps.

Certificates offered after the completion of the height safety training course

When you complete the height safety training course you will be offered with a NCC certificate outlining the course details and the syllabus of the course.

Who requires the course?

Now that you have a basic understanding of the course, you might be asking who should opt for the height safety training course. The answer is that it is designed for all people who are required to work in heights and requires having knowledge and skills about working at heights.

Hence, keeping the above discussion in mind, it can be concluded that, you should opt for a height safety training course if you are habituated with working at heights. This will provide you with ample knowledge and experience to work in this field.

Here a few training providers in the UK that may be able to help you with this types of course:


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